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Make love, don't you be afraid
Just because my heart ain't beating, it don't mean you won't
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Arbit cups of Kaapi - I

1. Assamese are lazy people. And I mean lazy in every sense. One fact that can prove this is:

Area: 78,438 km²
Pop: 26,655,216

Bihar(a state not-so-far off)
Area: 94,164 km²
Pop: 82,878,796

Wait a minute. Maybe this is a result if all those unsold condoms in Bihar.

2. But generally, Indians are lazy. I pondered on this after coming to know that there is this particular tennis stadium called Indian Wells Tennis 'Gardens'. What do you freakin' relax there ? or play tennis?
But just in case you didnt know, Indian Wells is in California, U.S.A

Ha Ha....Gotcha !!!!

3. Hey stop thinking that. I knew Indian Wells was in the U.S.A before I wrote this even.

4. When I was young, mind it very young, I used to think portfolio was some kind of polio. I dont know why ?

5. Back in school, during one of our economics classes, we were being taught about something called 'Volatility Smile'. When one smart guy commented, "Thats when you start losing your money and your smile fades away." His smirk didn't last long either.

6. There is this video my friend came across when we were in 11th standard. Its quite famous and is about a Japanese game that was then translated by some Japanese nut jobs into English. Watch the video for what I would like to call Classic humor !!

7. As most of you might know, Purple Man is the arch-nemesis of Daredevil. But does anyone have an idea as to why he was named that. Was it because he was always beaten black and blue by Daredevil ?

8. What would the only song in 'Cinderella'-The musical starring 'Rihanna' be ??
Cinderella..ella....ella....ella..ella...(till the end ??!!)

9. Its true Sudhanshu. My blog might just have more visitors than yours. Not because my friend list is endless. But because most of your friends live in a place without internet - Jharkhand !!!


siddhu said...

haha...nice,humorous & thought provoking(??????) post!!!!!

hav a look..

Sudar said...

thnk u ..