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Monday, June 9, 2008

Les Internationaux de France de Roland Garros

In case you weren't even wondering what that could mean, you're a rotten, good for nothing, should-have-been-consumed-by-a-hungry-mongrel-long-ago carcass, that has been decaying for a minimum time span of a month now !! cause thats when French Open Fever started and that is the word of the day. No, I didn't choose it. ATP did. The title however, would be The French Open ...... in French. Literally it translates to 'French Internationals of Roland Garros'. (Huh?! Retards!!)

People, I learnt something from the French Open this year. "Barking dogs seldom bite". Of course, we were taught that in elementary school, but who would pay attention when the teacher goes on to scientifically explain the reason. I don't wanna know about dogs and their lack of social networking skills.
So, coming back to the point, what I meant was: Federer barked but didn't bite. :D. Everyone thought tennis is going to be as boring as F1 was, if only these two big guys meet on court. (When I refer to F1, I mean the 2000-2005 seasons where only M.Schumacher would win, and the rest would be racing for time-pass. This can also be attributed to the superior Ferrari technology at that time (thats because they spent a lot more than the other teams (I love using parenthesis' inside parenthesis' :D))). So when it came to a point where only Nadal and Federer were reaching the finals of every other open, you expect it to get boring. But WRONG !! It in fact gets even better with only these two fighting for the Title. (Though, I personally think Djokovic deserves to be there too(cause Serbia does spend a lot, atleast on its tennis players(money does matter people!!(somethings gotten into me (:D))))). I did expect equal chances for both of them, but then loosing by straight sets !! You've got to be kidding me !!...You aren't ?? Darn, that's a ..... Guess what ?! I am out of words. That did make Federer stop barking, anyway. He was out of barks, I guess :D .
The win made Nadal only the third player after Bjorn Borg and Ilie Nastase, to ever win the title without loosing a set(in the entire tournament...(without a set...(can you believe it???(yes, I agree. That was uncalled for.(:D))))). He literally left the Swiss in tears. Its like, when Federer is going around, barking to the media that HE feels its HIS year, that he's gonna win everything in sight, Nadal comes up, whacks him in his baals and tells him ......... "Bad Doggie".
Game Over, Feddie boy. (I like calling him that(do you? (:D)))

P.S: The Opens are called so because they were thrown open for professionals and amateurs to play(before that certain tournaments were meant only for amateurs and certain, only for pros(like Wimbledon was only for amateurs(I am loving it(Hope you are !! (:D)))))


Comfortably Numb said...

yea man! Nadal mauled federer and the animosity in federer was worth noticing :)


funnybunny said...

"Federer barked but didn't bite. :D"


Nice one!

Sudar said...

thnk u