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I'm gonna make love even when I'm dead
Your body might get cold, but it's always hot in my bed
Make love, don't you be afraid
Just because my heart ain't beating, it don't mean you won't
get laid.
-Chef [sings to Thriller beat as a zombie]

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chat over Kaapi

S: Hey K !! How you doin ?
K: Hi da venna (in Eng: Hi butter !!)(in Hindi: oi makhann !!)(for the general Tamil challenged public: just a way of greeting)
S: What ?
K: That's what my girlfriend calls me.
S: Whoa. But why ?
K: Because I taste well with bread and jam!!..I don't know.
S: So, did you see yesterday's match ?
K: Hmmm.Yeah. But a cheesy finish.
S: What's with the dairy products ?
K: What's with all these questions ? Wanna milk some answers out of me !!!
S: Forget it. So do you watch a lot of cricket.
K: Not much. Why ?
S: I wanted to know what reverse swing was ?
K: But I don't know.
S: Hey, come on. You must be knowing.
K: hmmmm, let's see. Its like, when the bowlers is running real slow.
S: Slow ?!
K: Yeah, mind it. Real slow. That's basically to conserve energy so as to throw the ball real fast.
S: Fast ?!
K: Yeah. And then, the ball gets in a time warp,
S: Time warp ?!
K: And then before you know it, if you get hit in places you consider "too sacred to be hit", your head spins a little. Its like you are on a swing, but gravity seems to be acting from the top. Hence, reverse swing. And when I came to know about this, I was like "No Way. This is a really good way of getting high".
S: Oh! So, what kind of a high do you exactly feel out of weed ?
K: Oh man. You a hippie? Weed doesn't get you high. It makes you feel sleepy.
S: Oh crap !
K: No....... Just sleepy.
S: Forget it.
K: So, did you watch Indiana Jones ?
S: Yeah, unfortunately.
K: Why ?
S: Bollywood produces better movies. The stunt director must have been the one they use for Govinda.
K: Does he even have a stunt director ?
S: Must have one. Was thinking 300 made a better watch. I atleast slept through that !!
K: O.K man. I've got to go. So, ciao.
S: Hey, listen. I had this dream in which I went to class without any clothes on. So...
K: I can tell if your naked.
S: Anyone can. I want you to tell me.
K: That's what I meant.
S: Oh.



nice one...keep writing..