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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Would you like to "Rumble" ??

Rumble - the word for today...
How I arrived at 'rumble' for my word of today is a long story which would make up my very first blog entry. I did try my hand at blogging before, only to eventually get bored due to lack of enthusiasm (personally and from visitors). I guess that was because i used to write on the events that happened in my lobby which should have been censored, and so because of the absurd material, viewers just ignored my blog to express their concern. And hence came the idea of 'rumbling around'. But just in case you want to check out my old blog (though i advise you not to), check out my profile.
So, coming back to the point, why 'rumble' ?? The answer, unfortunately would again point towards the lobby's gaming efforts. But, thats where our story starts.
'A' and 'B', both being fans of Fifa 08 were discussing the lyrics of one of the songs that appears on the playlist of Fifa08, which 'B' liked a lot. The song was called 'Ali in the Jungle' by The Hours. One of the lines which is repeated quite a lot through out the song went like 'Everybody gets *********' and this was the topic of the conversation. Both of them had a doubt as to what the line was. 'A' being a nymphomaniac suggested it could be 'Everybody gets the girl'. But instead it turned out to be 'Everybody gets knocked down'.
The song, as is evident from the title and the line I mentioned, is about a boxing match which I later discovered was called the 'Rumble in the Jungle' which featured Mohd. Ali vs George Foreman. And the reason it was called that was because it was held in Zaire (a jungli country).
As a matter of fact, it was in this match that Ali went on to be crowned world champion for the second time. The reason I am mentioning all this crap is because at the end of the song, a radio commentary is played, and this moved me a lot. This commentary was the actual one that was recorded at the event and can be heard and the end of this video. (and the fights a worthwhile watch considering the ignorance of the average Indian.)

Anyways, speaking of rumble also made me remember this wonderful game I came across a few years back. Its helluva addictive and makes you wonder how b'lliant these coders ought to be !!!.
And its called 'Rumble' Box.


My high score : 10450
Beat that !!


Gagan said...

hmm very nice video and post also !!

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