Quotable Quotes

I'm gonna make love even when I'm dead
Your body might get cold, but it's always hot in my bed
Make love, don't you be afraid
Just because my heart ain't beating, it don't mean you won't
get laid.
-Chef [sings to Thriller beat as a zombie]

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Love Hexagonal (Trailer)

(On green screen)The following PREVIEW has been approved for "All audiences who have not yet lost their funny bones entirely to the fake comedian called Adam Sandler", by the Motion Picture Association of Andhapurathu Maharaaja.

The 21st Century Ho(a)x logo appears on the screen with the theme heard, followed by the Amazon KaattuVaasi Sangam Films Ltd. logo with their native war cry heard. The main "The Love Geometrical Figure No.X" theme is heard.

A handsome M.S. and a not-so-beautiful whore are sitting in a restaurant.
M.S: I have always thought you were too weak-hearted for love, Paris.
Paris:(angrily) Too flirty is what I would call it !! Bye bye M.S. (Pours wine all over his arse/rear bumper.) That should make you rusty for a while !!

An evil echoing laughter is heard as the scene fades out and into a brightly lit room, covered with pictures of M.S. in various situations and a few of Will Smith and Michael Jackson. Lots of men are seated around a table.
Carlos: Are you sure, he isn't gay ?
Black Man1: (looks at camera) Are you being a racist ?
Mr. Garrison: What do we do now, Macho.
M.M: (from behind a screen) I don't care. But I'll get my REVENGEEEEEEEEAAAAA.......aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Scene switched to the same room but not at same time. This time the men are all standing as if a ceremony is in place. As the camera swirls around the crowd we can see a lot of pants having large blotches of what seems like blood.
Carlos: The first rule of Tight(pants)Club is, you do not talk about the Tight(Pants)Club.
The camera swirls all over the place and clips of men walking hand in hand are seen.
Carlos: The second rule of Tight(Pants)Club is, you do not talk about the Tight(Pants)Club.

S.S wakes up violently from her sleep.
S.S: I need to find out where he is. I didn't go to Harvard for nothing !!

Music picks up pace.
A God-like, booming voice. Wait, its not God, its Cher. : From the makers of "My Girlfriend must be Crazy" and "Rate Me a 6 on 5, Please".

A lonely beach where M.S. seems to be enjoying peace finally.

Cher: And from the Mokkademy Award Winning director of 'The Love Triangle' comes the second installation.

The same beach but M.S. turns left and sees hundreds and hundreds of babes in bikinis running towards him.

Cher: Mokkademy Award nominee Super-Star M.S. in his best.

M.S. turns right and sees Carlos and the Tight(Pants)Club members running towards him. (M.M. is seen far away doing something which is not clearly visible.)

The Love Hexagonal
-Cause, three two's are six.

The Director appears sitting on a chair while his unit is seen to be working behind him.
Director : When every goddamn Hollywood production can have a sequel, why not mine ??

Cher: With special scenes introduced by the Director showing how to make love...ah... hmmm...sorry...showing how to love.

Releasing this summer (in French too as 'The GangBang') in theatres near you.


Gagan said...

very nice !!

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thank you

anonymous 1 said...

At least till where i read [:P].

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Hello. And Bye.

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