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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What is this Euro coming to ?!!

Seriously, what is this Euro coming to ? If you want to make a competition of such panache, such fervor, such passion into a hit you have got to play the favourites in the semi-finals. Not so so teams like Russia or Turkey. Mr. Blatter, next time fix the matches so that only the favourites reach the top four !! Oh, o.k. fine. I was hoping Holland would go on to win this edition after seeing the way they thrashed France(my fav, btw) and Italy.

It was like Holland was destined to win. They were crowned winners even before the match started. The players were jumping in joy as they entered the field. You could see it in their eyes, the pride of having reached the semi-finals. Just that they didn't. So, where did they screw up. After topping the group of death so convincingly, where did they go wrong ? The team didn't make any mistakes, just one traitor did. Guus Hiddink. You can't possibly think that it was all Holland's fault. Russia played amazingly well. After having rendered important Oranje players like Sneijder virtually useless from the very beggining, it was quite surprising that they actually scored quite late in the game. Not to forget the beautiful reply by Holland. The game however went into extra time and then two goals in quick succession left Oranje go blue. And what's with the cascade of goals. Every second match seems to have an unwritten rule that goals have to be scored in cascades, one after the other after the other, in quick succession or else they won't be counted. And mind it, only towards the end of the match, so as to build a suspense for the world-wide viewers. Eventually, the 'winners' were weeping on the field like a bunch of school children and the 'losers' were ecstatic !!

After all this, we wonder did Holland play all that well before. They won against two heavy-weights by huge margins of 3 goals. But can the French and Italian team be considered heavy-weights. Both the teams have had their fair share in the spotlight for playing the oldies. On one hand, the French team was filled with romantic fools who just couldn't bring themselves to kick the ball, because they were so in love with it. This I suppose would be reason enough as to why they scored just one goal in the entire tournament. So where do the goals come from?
French arbit player's reply : Oh !! Passing ze ball to ze other team players is zo romantic !!!
French supporter : Kick ze ball. Whaz are you zoin fatso !!
Italian supporter : It is Fattuso !!

And the Italians on the other hand were like a bunch of mafia lords with their grim serious faces.
So much so that this is how I imagine a situation would have been in the last match of Group-C
Gattuso : I don't think I like this man.
Some arbit French player: Oh, you looks zo romantic in zat shorts gattuso !!
Gattuso : I don't like this man.
Pirlo : (with his fingers folded as if it were a gun) BAM BAM BAM !!!
Gattuso : Where is your gun, you moron !! Look what you've done. Now, I've got to make him an offer he can't resist. Hmmm. What shall I offer ??
The arbit French player : How about your shorts. Zey look very beauuutifuuull.
Gattuso : Hey. You keep away from my shorts. I'll keep away from your family !!(suddenly becoming alert)Hey, you bring the ball any closer, I'll blow your head away.
After all, you can't blame the French for being a peace-loving country.

*Sigh*. May the best team win.


Prashanth Nagaraj said...

Hope spain wins.....

Good conversation...;)

FreaKo said...

How could you term russia a so so team? The way they have palyed so far in this tour (Barring the first two games)was surprising to say the least! It was total football and a pleasure to watch them play, its been decades since we got a chance to see total football (The last being in 1986: Maradonna's Argentina) The only flaw with Russia is their finishing. If they can clear that up, they could end up winning the tournament! I am betting on them, with Arshavin back, spain wont find it easy! My guess they would choke, as usual! ;)

Sudar said...

dude...please read the entire post, before making your conclusions... I have called Russia a so-so team only on the basis of past performances. But I have conceded that they played brilliantly and truly deserved a place in the semis despite having dismal performances in their previous matches.

Besides, if you are in any way in touch with any Russians ask them to please not send any submarines in search of me...I don't live in a coastal city anymore !!! And hopefully they haven't made a sub for use in rivers as yet ;)

Ilyas Kazi said...

A very nice review. I wish if your Holland (fav in btw) could hv won...